Friday, June 08, 2012



Some highlights from our first days in the city:

Smith. Just two blocks away. Dark and handsome, rustic and romantic. B and I got drinks here around 11pm, shortly after we landed and settled into our studio. Two tasty local brews and a stack of fries. Good sleep ahead.

Volunteer Park & Volunteer Park Cafe. B and I made a valliant effort to go running in the morning the next day. We ran through Volunteer Park (just a little over a mile-- but hey, we're on vacation.) The houses we passed were huge and gorgeous, engulfed by luscious greenery. Certainly a perk to the yearly rainfall. We headed to the cafe after our run. There was a big dog laying outside with its tongue sticking out, just smiling and having a good ol' time. That place just radiates with pleasant vibes.

Sitka & Spruce. A light and airy gem of a restaurant hidden in the back of an indoor marketplace. Quaint and charming. We got lost trying to find a post office right before lunch so we sure were hungry when we arrived. Two of my favorite things about traveling during the summertime: getting lost (except when it frustrates me and B) and ordering wine during the daytime.:)

Anchovies & Olives. Another classic example of rustic and charming. Excellent service, plentiful food. My kinda restaurant. B gets ultimate props for scouting out S&S and A&O. Lots of eating and exploring. Life is good. 

There's more of Seattle to come!

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