Monday, October 23, 2006

time to turn up the heat

Finally arrived in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. It's so hot and humid, and awkwardly enough it's October so I'm not complaining. Definitely beats the cold, although I have toadmit I was looking forward to celebrating autumn in DC. I suppose I'll have to put off wearing turtlenecks and winter coats until my return in several weeks. For now, I'll enjoy the bikinis, 'block, and surf.

Current weather report:
San Gabriel, CA (hometown): 77 deg.C
Washington, DC: 43 deg.C
Ft. Lauderdale: 75 deg.C

Tomorrow Project Hot Seat begins on the college campuses of Nova Southeastern and Florida Atlantic University. Goal is to get the candidates of the 22nd congressional district to take a stance on global warming. I'm pumped with getting students involved in our campaign--class raps, petitions, volunteers. Big International Day of Action takes place on November 4th. Time to turn up the heat!

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Hugo said...

Make sure you get down to Miami and go to South Beach, walk on Collins Avenue...