Wednesday, December 27, 2006

for the polar bear's sake!

Today the Bush administration declared polar bears to be an endangered species. This is both good and bad. Our government has finally recognized that not only is global warming real but a huge threat to our environment. It's unfortunate it's taken so long for action that the big and fuzzy mammals we've come to love and iconize are on the verge of extinction. To read more, Washington Post's Juliet Eilperin does a fantastic job covering the ground-breaking news here.


Anonymous said...

The president has already claimed we're "addicted to oil," and people just chuckled and yawned. There's no epiphany here. It's the people who need to wake up and act.

Connie Chung said...

Thank you! Along with governmental action, we too need to step up and take personal responsibility for our contributions to climate change.

This site offers suggestions (both big and small) to what we can do.