Friday, December 22, 2006

the gym and my great-grandmother

i'm trying to get back into a routine work-out schedule. i'd like to join my mom in the early morning but getting out of bed to face cold and exhaustion prompts me to think of other things i'd rather be doing like sleeping. but after going to bed before nine last night (i know, i know. nine is so early. i'm still adjusting to the time change, or so i'll keep telling myself) i was wide awake around seven this morning and hit the gym with my mom. the work-out was alright, my ipod was on shuffle and playing really slow drowning songs. i would have pressed skip but i was low on battery juice and any tamper with it would have just killed the minipod. while i was at the gym i ran into my great-grandmother. this wasn't so much of a surprise as practically my whole extended family on my dad's side has a membership to the same gym. bizare. seeing my great-grandmother who is 92 mind you was mind-boggling. i was watching her work the machines (while nervous out of my mind afraid that her fragile bones would fall off) but outrageously that tiny little old lady was workin' it--pumping iron non-stop! now i have no excuse for not getting off my lazy ass and excercising. no fair!

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agentslaeyer said...

this type of story is precisely what blogs are for. your blog is always intersting, connie. bravo!