Saturday, December 09, 2006

greenmyapple : i really want a mac, i just wish it came in green

hoi! since this summer i've been thinking about saving money for a ibook. with its chic and simple design and the most innovative media tools heck, who wouldn't want one? but here i am at apple centre in amsterdam's central station thinking otherwise. i don't want to buy something that i'm going to use for several years and then discard to have shipped to china where children and migrant workers work for pennies a day discarding my waste in an environment full of toxins. i'm in limbo.

i love my ipod as well as do all my siblings and friends. we all love apple. a leader in electronics and design, i have faith apple will soon become a leader in green technology. working on the "green my apple" campaign our objective is to get apple to phase out the toxins in its products, mainly poly-vinyl chloride (pvc) and brominated flame-retardant (bfr), and establish a take-back policy for its consumers, that way apple is responsible for the makings of its goods.

so today we're handing out biological (the dutch term for "organic") green apples with leaflets and talking to people about the campaign outside apple stores throughout amsterdam. all the while i'm contemplating the ramifications of getting a mac. i know my choice would be a lot easier if only apple made it green.

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