Monday, January 01, 2007

cheers to the new year

Rock climbing yesterday has made me sore all over. Oh, but it was beautiful--hiking the serene Santa Monica mountains and cleaning for the first time in Echo Cliffs, tremendous. I'm ready to start the new year (if only I could move).

Typically, I make vague new year's resolutions like to be more organized and take new risks. You know, goals that can be easily achieved, and broadly interpreted so achieved. But I've put some thought and specifics into this year's and hopefully will stick to them.

My 2007 New Year's Resolutions, here it goes:
-be fluent in Spanish (or at least hold a ten minute conversation) and travel to South America
-read a non-school related book a month (mm, 12 books in a year doesn't sound like much, but when the semester starts I get so bogged down with school reads that I forget to make time for other good stuff)
-visit a museum a month (there are still a bunch I have yet to see--Norton Simon, Pacific Asian Museum, Getty Villa..)
-practice power pilates as a routine work-out
-learn to knit

We'll see how it goes.
Happy new year to all!


agentslaeyer said...

awesome resolutions. if you ever want to go to a museum, let me know.

agentslaeyer said...

oh and re: knitting ...

check out my friend's blog ...