Thursday, February 15, 2007

goodbye winter, hello spring; happy new year

i may be a big nerd but i'm pretty bummed that my winter spanish and english classes are over. i learned so much in the past six weeks, and from really amazing and earnest professors as well. and also, met some really cool classmates. but i suppose i should relish the long weekend ahead because with tuesday comes a whole new semester and hectic schedule.

as it's looking i'm taking: Spanish 2, Political Theory, The U.S. and World Politics, Sociology of the Asian American, Critical Thinking and Argument, Modern Dance and Model UN.. So maybe it is a good idea if I don't think about school for a day or two..

events to look forward to--chinese new year, my aunt terry's baby shower, and a couple of catering events (a wedding and the academy awards!)

is it obvious that i have trouble doing 'nothing'?

gung hei faat choih,

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