Monday, March 26, 2007

ramblings on this weekend and the nearing spring break

insane weekend. activities included but not limited to: babysitting and getting locked in a room by a very sly 3 and a half year-old. not fun. luckily, i was able to take a half hour nap in justification for a need to rest and brainstorm ideas of how to pop open the lock. and so great of a nap that was as after i dozed, i felt energized and determined to twist the key knob with a book corner (very confusing) and the lock unsnapped. it was a great feeling. and later that night i went to a party. although my friend was celebrating his 24th, the festive event reminded me of a typical high school bash. the kind with bad music, lots of alcohol (though there was a great selection) and the needless drama of passouts and girlfriend-boyfriend fights. definitely not fun while sober.

today was much more relaxing. slept in, rested, watched a movie, and got a new pair of shoes. then spent several hours at a car dealership, which really felt like an eternity..perhaps the three most grueling hours of my life. just hearing my dad and jess talk drives me nuts. and this whole concept of caring so much about what car you drive and what it looks like and yaddi yadda is nonsense! it pains me to think of where so much of that money could have went, and for such better causes. ugh.

moving on. as an optimist i try to look towards the future. and that includes spring break which is coming up on the week of apr. 15th. i want to do something spontaneous. really, i just want to get out of this hole. i'm thinking about a road trip or buying a cheap plane ticket on jetblue and going to some place random and couch surfing throughout that area.

smell boston?

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