Sunday, April 29, 2007

good news about babysitting, moms and magazines

The awesome mom of the adorable 3 1/2 year-old boy I babysit (who no longer goes by "flight plane," but "buzzlight year") handed me the latest issue of Ode magazine and said I'd be interested. I'd never heard of the magazine but hearing that it's about people and ideas that are changing the world for the better immediately caught my attention, and written on the cover is, "for intelligent optimists." Its an international mag dedicated to providing positive news. How cool is that? I'll have to report more once I start reading.

Reflecting on my past jobs, I've come to realize that I have loved every job I've had, and babysitting is certainly among them. Last night after Kerrie (the awesome mom) returned home we talked for about two hours mainly about life in the coming-of-age years. She told me stories about leaving her family in New York for school and later for life in California. She also talked about dealing with the pressures and expectations of her parents and confronting them even if it meant upsetting them or not meeting their expectations; the way she described her parents and struggles seemed all too familiar. we both laughed and took comfort in our similar experiences. It was so comforting that forgot that I was talking to the mom of the son whom I babysat; I felt like I was talking to a good friend. When she had come home I was exhausted and ready to leave for bed, but our conversation was so captivating that I didn't leave until 2am and I when I did I felt energized and inspired.

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