Wednesday, April 11, 2007

sincerely, yours

I've put off making thank you cards until now, and just to my luck I can't find my "thank you" stamp. I wanted to put my heat gun to work and emboss the ink and just get my creative juices flowing. Anything to prevent the use of store-bought cards. Having worked at Paper Source I've come to appreciate the art of card-making and can be a bit of a card snob. I just figure it'd be nice to craft something in return for the the individuals who've done so much for me. You know..just a little thank you.

Earlier I went through some old boxes of mementos and read a bunch of letters I've kept over the years. This might sound crazy but I keep every card that I receive (birthday, graduation, get well soon, thank-you, miss you, name it). I actually keep everything that's personally hand-written. There's something unique about each..the crossed t's, dotted i's, the wit in some, joy in others, the random stories, personal messages, and all the memories that came with that special person and ocassion.

feeling a bit nostalgic..


Mermade said...

Oh my gosh! I am a total card snob, too. I have tons of cards, stickers and stationary paper. I love, love, love an excuse to write a card out too (I sent one to a lot of people this Easter). But I've never tried making my own stationary. That sounds like a lot of fun! As for keeping handwritten things, it is not weird at all! I have a whole drawer dedicated to old letters, diaries and cards. I love looking back and reading them every now and then.

Anonymous said...

No way! I keep all the cards that I have ever gotten too. hahaha. Yah they are fun too look back on once in a while and think about. I always get excited when I read my old letters and think about what type of person I was at that time.

And the embossing (sp?) thing that we did at Terri's house for their wedding invitations? that was awesome!