Sunday, April 08, 2007

sunday tidbits (my diversion from studying for midterms)

i've been thinking..

the only upside to this gloomy weather is drinking warm soy chai (for free, thanks tim).

a nervous habit of mine: using like a bajillion times in every other sentence.

last weekend i went out to dinner with old h.s. friends. one had just broken up with her bf and in spite of all the uplifting words that attempted to come out of my mouth, nothing seemed to boost her spirits. it only worsened when her steak was served. on the verge of tears she said it was difficult to eat because her (now ex-)bf used to cut her meat for her. i laughed and passed on the most confused look to the party of 15. i assume that's better than telling her how pathetic i thought she was acting and how she managed to survive cutting her own meat for the past 19 years she's lived without him. i also thought about presenting her with the good ol' option of vegetarianism, but figured i could wait till dessert.

my analysis of The Log from the Sea of Cortez is lagging.

and i'm about thirty terms short of memory for my political theory exam.

i find it discouraging when talking to my parents about my future. makes me want to cry every time. they want me to go one way; i can't help but want the other. and what's tough is explaining that or more realistically, them accepting it.

i'm ready for spring break. looking forward to lying on the shores of san diego.

i wish it was june 1st. judgment day for gu and my life for the following two years. also, twenty-nine days closer to my bday.

i've been running on pcc's track these days. great remedy for stress and good exercise (something you don't hear too often).

alright, i should stop trying to run from studying.

happy easter, folks.

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Felicia Chan said...

Connie! hahaha, yeah, dinner was good. =P yeah..that was awkward, i think everyone was like.."WHAT!?!?!" and they wanted to laugh, but couldn't. hahahaha. good times. good times. we gotta do this again! =P