Sunday, April 22, 2007

weak sauce

i have wanted to post lately, mainly about discussions i had with fellow students at last weekend's model united nations conference, feeling uncomfortable hearing the word "bitch" all too frequently, being asian and witnessing the virginia tech massacres, unsure of where i stand in the abortion battle, baffled at our attorney general, gonzales' cluelessness and wolfowitz' world bank scandals, and feeling helpless in this so-called 'war on terror' where suicide bombings and the rising death toll of innocent civilians are not new news.

it seems like whenever my fingers meet the keyboard i am at a lost. i lose all senses of articulating my thoughts. i think it's feeling self-conscious and unsure of how to express myself with words while opening up to the public and the potential scrutiny. it's ironic how in any sort of professional or academic setting i can execute given challenges with confidence, but when it comes to personal matters (boys, included) i seem to lack that power.

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agentslaeyer said...

first off, love the new layout. I have to change mine one of these days. Secondly, be not afraid of your thoughts and words, con. be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid. you're smart and funny and thoughtful, that's all you need to be a blogger.