Friday, May 11, 2007

tea, boys and blogger on this friday night

it's a friday night and instead of frolicking at a party i organized two weeks ago, i'm at home struggling over an analysis on chomsky and the following random and time-consuming tidbits.

good deed: i created a blog for my youngest sis, britt (who of my five siblins i would say i identify most with). it was my attempt to divert her wasteful time spent on mysapace and hopefully will inspire her to write often. she's a seventh grader going through that rollercoaster ride of emotions as a pre-teen. it's a bit scary but i'm also hoping that reading her blog will help me understand what she's going through and possibly be a better sister at the same time. well, i read her first three posts and couldn't stop laughing. she's very honest, and i'm glad. she dedicated a whole post to describing each sibling and i have to say i'm sort of shocked to read what she thinks of us, big sibs. she's the youngest and i forget how much we boss and bully her so after this post i'm going to give her a big hug.

the debate: is it possible to change the world and date at the same time? as was the discussion i just had with my friend rei.

big events: revlon run for women and asian pacific american book fest tomorrow.

summer travel: i've decided on south america!

big days coming. splendid night, friends.


Hugo Schwyzer said...

Not only is it possible to change the world and date at the same time, you can be a more effective change agent than ever... provided that the person you're dating stands shoulder to shoulder with you in making those changes, and doesn't suck your energy away.

agentslaeyer said...

yay! south america! yay!