Saturday, June 09, 2007

friday night rambles

i'm a bit exhausted, ready for school to finish. listening to elliot smith's a fond farewell and feeling reminiscent.
what a semester, what a year..what an experience but before i get into that..
i need to finish my papers for eng1c and polisci and ace spanish and soc exams. i'm just rambling..proof of exhaustion.
i want summer to be here. this weekend is going to be fun, lots of writing and coffee.
this friday is commencement, i'll be speaking.. very excited. i'll be able to share my thoughts on my two years at pcc, a place i've come to love. pcc's been great, i can't wait to see what's in store at berkeley. i need some motivation for my papers. and sleep. gnite.

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Franco said...

You are lucky...that you are going to Sudamerica...I wish i could gooo....but CACA happens...haha