Thursday, July 19, 2007

why i love dc

Now I'm in Washington, DC, one of my favorite happenin' places in the world!

It's been rockin', I've been training as a student organizer in Change It, an environmental grassroots program, where I'll be leading 200 eager student activists on how to kick ass on their college campuses. Lots of exciting events to come like a lobby date with my rep, Congressman Adam Schiff and a big talk with Rep. Henry Waxman on the Safe Climate Act (awesomeness, especially because he's from Cal!) and this hasn't been confirmed but I'm crossing my fingers, a meeting with Senator Barbara Boxer, my heroine.

I love DC.

Other reasons: Two days ago I joined Members of the U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, Iraq War Veterans, family members, progressive groups and many more concerned citizens at the "Call to Action by Candle Light," a rally by the Capital to push Republicans in the Senate to end their filibuster on the vote to end the war. It was unbelievable, I felt like I was in a movie. I couldn't believe I was five feet away from so many politicians and activists like John Lewis, many of whom I've admired only from afar. It's also unbelievable that the Republicans, a small tyrannical minority in the Senate won and carried through with the filibuster the next day.

Last night I went to Suzanne Willett's comedy show called Feminazi. The setting was chill, in the back alley of a bookstore basement-converted-coffee shop. I didn't enjoy the humor as much as I did the talk about feminism afterward. The crowd featured older women in their 60s, middle-aged mothers and many more young female college students. Of a lot of things I learned that night, one for certain, is that I'm going to establish a day care center at my future workplace, if one does not already exist at that time!

Enough talking..

Time for some dC sightseeing!


FantoChino said...

Connie, good for are Leading 200 students...damn that is actually a huge amount...You are doing big things...keep it up! I couldn't post anything due to the massive amount of HW...yet, soon I'll be posting.

agentslaeyer said...

you never cease to amaze me, connie. i feel so honored that i've been a part of your life.