Sunday, September 16, 2007

rilo kiley at the warfield

despite the iffy reviews rilo kiley received for their new album, under the blacklight, jenny lewis and her hunky dory crew still put on a damn good show. not surprisingly, of course. with the opening of "it's a hit" and then "portions for foxes" i was hooked. so was the crowd, that was proven with the sing-along to "with arms oustretched." 'twas one striking night. and fyi, i like the new stuff, "close call" and "give a little love" lining up as two of my favorite new tracks. some fun(ky) photos..

dylan and i even made new friends, an adorable couple--meaghan is from florida and her beau, england.

note: this post is dedicated to mike fricano, the biggest rilo kiley fan i know, and my inspiration to continue writing.

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agentslaeyer said...

Thx Con, made my stressed and off-focused day, mucho better.