Tuesday, April 22, 2008

peace, yo

my youngest sister brittney emailed me to say she's started her own blog and writes in it like it's her journal. sneakily, i tried looking it up but no luck. she said the setting's on 'private.' she's a wise one.

anyhow, i'm finding any thing and every thing to do to avoid my peace and conflict studies theory paper on the iraqi oil and gas law. i'm frustrated by the jargon we're supposed to use--" transformative agency," "critical reflexivity," "hybridization," "cosmopolitanism," "structuration," "counter dialectic," "geopolitical domination"..what does it all mean? it's making this paper more complicated than it should be and judging by all the red squiggly lines on my screen, microsoft word isn't appreciating it either.

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brittney said...

i feel so special.
i love you con bon