Tuesday, May 20, 2008

tuesday movie day

i just watched samaritan girl.
if you watch it, please let me know because i would love to talk about it. right now i don't have words to say. i'm stunned. a lot of mixed feelings and still in shock and frankly, taking cardio kickboxing this morning was a big mistake.

i don't recommend watching samaritan girl during the day. it's really heavy and depressing and so much that i wish i could say. it's a very very powerful film and i cried at a moment that really struck me and made me think about my dad. and i don't know why exactly but i'm not feeling very good.

before that i watched the housekeeper. it's much more lighthearted and cute and funny in some parts. really my emotions from samaritan girl are overpowering thoughts on the housekeeper.

i think i need to take a walk..
perhaps to the city library to get more films. :)

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