Thursday, June 12, 2008

on my way to newark and new adventures!

greetings from LAX! go ahead and make that look of disgust. i know what you're thinking, but luckily, having left at 4:45 this morning, there was no traffic and i arrived within half an hour from good ol' SG. and better yet, i'm sitting here in the president's clubroom.. aside from the free toasted bagels and uber comfy chairs, this place ain't all that exciting. just a bunch of pretentious old folks and booze too early to drink.

i got a late start on packing and haven't slept all night i'm going to exhaust myself all the way to my seat in 10C. i plan on sleeping all five and a half hours. i wanted to blog about my time back home, but i'm feeling a little more than delirious and i think my flight is about to board and i really don't want to miss it like i did last summer to ecauador. that was no bueno. every flight after mine was full and i had to pay eight-freaking-hundred-dollars just if i wanted to make it out that day. it was miserable. i hate continental. i gave them a call (actually, i gave them many calls) and that's what got me here. i should go get my $800 bagels-worth.

ok some energy needs to go down here. I'M GOING TO PRINCETON. WHAT??! i still don't believe it. well i do, it's just..i dunno. i had this conversation about how i believed a place like princeton to be so great and beyond my capacity, and now that i've gotten this public policy fellowship to study at the university, it's almost a joke. i've only imagined such a place, so amazing and full of talent and thought and far far away, in its own world of ivy league status and now that i've gotten's almost... not that great? is it me? i'm still in disbelief, but not. weird mixed feelings. crap. i need to board!

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