Thursday, August 07, 2008

mourning death and celebrating life

my great-grandmother passed away friday at the age of 95. a strong, wise and kind woman she was. my last memory of her is at the gym where she exercised on a daily basis. although she spoke no english, she befriended the women who worked there, and as she grew older and weaker, they helped escort her in and out of the gym. she bought them christmas presents every year as a little thank you. i remember this as i'd go to same gym whenever home from break. i also remember that she wore the cutest knitted hat my big sister got her. on appearance you'd think she was old and fragile, but really she was one tough woman. she emigrated as a refugee from vietnam long ago, and has since lived many american generations. i know very little about her personal life. her husband, my great-grandfather passed away almost ten years ago. i know that she was deeply loved and will be remembered. she is in a good place. to my great-grandmother.

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