Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Follow the One Dollar Diet Project

i think this is really cool...

from Ode Magazine:

More than 1 billion people live on $1 or less a day. Christopher Greenslate, M.Ed. graduate of the Institute for Humane Education (www.humaneeducation.org) and his partner Kerri -- both social studies teachers -- have embarked on a project to each eat on a food budget of $1/day. As they say in their first post:

"When we first started talking about doing this, we didn’t really have an agenda, or any developed sense of why we wanted to do it. It just seemed like an interesting challenge; one that would force us to see things differently.

"We are interested in many of the strands related to this experiment; food choices, consumerism, waste, poverty, social psychology, etc., and this experience may provide insights that could help us better understand and teach about a variety of concerns."

Follow their journey on the One Dollar Diet Project: www.onedollardietproject.com

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Jim Bouman said...

Most of last week, plus the weekend.

How goes the project?

Any guidelines? Home-grown food counted only for the cost of seeds?

Is the point to maximize the dollar's worth of food and live on only that, or to maximize nutrition with everything from food bank, garden, dumpster dives. etc., supplementing a daily outlay of $1.00 cash?