Wednesday, August 26, 2009

the labor of love for almonds

At La Casa del Viento, my appreciation for food deepens with each and every meal. Last night's warm, subtly sweet and savory almond soup attributes to that as Orfhlaith and I hand picked the almonds, cracked, dehusked and devoured them all!

le almond tree
 almonds are ready to be picked when their outer green shell opens 
step one: collect bucket full of almonds
step two: grab two sturdy rocks, one for almond bed, the other to smash
step three: smash!
step four: practice hope that most of your almonds remain whole
step five: perfecto! look, two almonds in one.
step six admire the almond, a beauty of a nut rich in flavor and full of antioxidants
step six: continue until you have enough to boil and dehusk for your soup
final step: enjoy! 
it's not every day you get to delight in an almond soup 
where the almonds are homegrown and handpicked and oh, so delightful.

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