Thursday, October 22, 2009

girona, medieval and delicious

Last week I discovered that a fellow Cal Bear moved to Girona (a little more than an hour away from Barca) to teach English. Escatic, I penciled a couple days into my calendar, took a train and had a lovely, relaxing time cooking Spanish foods I learned while in Soria, wandering through the old Jewish quarters and drinking endless vino into the wee hours.

Lauren and I looking out from the Passeig de la Muralla. 

When in Spain, eat like the Spanish do. And so in Girona, I made pan amb tomatae (Catalán for bread with tomato), a popular spread for breakfast, simply shredded insides of a tomatoe, olive oil and lots of garlic. A pinch of salt and sprinkle of pepper, more EVOO if you like, and you'll never go back to jam.

And oh, one of my newfound heavenly favorites, Torrijas. Spanish french toast, a bit cripsy on the outside and more creamy, breadpudding-like on the inside sweetly concocted with miel (honey) and milk. I used the already made soy chai I found at the market near Lauren's. Yay for soy and more cinammon spice!

Lauren's colleague Sydney invited a few of us over for homemade fettuccini with salmon and broccoli, and of course, more wine. Although I prefer not to eat meat or fish, I rarely turn down delicious homecooked food.

To the right in this photo is Lilía smoking a cigarette, beautiful and typical Catalán. In Europe, you're in the minority if you don't smoke it seems. ¡Buenas noches!

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