Monday, November 02, 2009

wish i was the moon tonight

mike, my editor when i wrote for L.A. Youth/mentor/friend/indie music fiend/overall awesomeness, sent me this live recording of neko case's, "i wish i was the moon." it's a beautiful nighttime, rainy day lullaby (as it is here in treviso, italy), soft yet fiery and filled with so much passion. my kinda music.

i've never seen neko case live, but with this recording i think this is as close as it gets. i get the sensation of sitting front row in my own private concert. and while traveling alone, struggling with foreign languages, pushing through crowds, wandering, getting lost (a many times in thought), this song captures so much power and feeling. it came to mind when i was strolling around the moonlit venetian canals.

it was about a few years ago when mike introduced me to neko's esquisite vocals and i'm still tuning in. hope you will too.

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