Saturday, December 05, 2009

couchsurfing photo project

exhibit A: 

praha//prague, czech republic

exhibit B:  

 budapest, hungary

exhibit C:

 wien/vienna, austria

These photos are of the last three couches-turned-into-beds that I've slept on via (I think there are around 15 in total!). Theses couchses represent much more than a place to lay my head after a long day's of walking and wandering. They symbolize the generosity of humanity, each couch holding the name of my host, unique and full of stories, laughs, struggles and surprises.

While traveling I'm much more interested in living the lives people do in the cities I visit over the luxuries of a hotel or even hostel. Couchsurfing has allowed me to do just that--to be welcomed into the homes of complete strangers and instant friends, to drink their coffee, cook hot dinners with them, listen to their stories, share mine, soak up their knowledge, try and speak their language, hang out with their friends, be part of their culture.

Funny, I feel like I've learned more about European history these past four months than I have in a year of AP Euro. I wish I can rewind to high school now that I have visuals for all those dead old men, cathedrals, battles and bridges that were written in the textbook, and much more.

Traveling is all about following your intuition, and while on my own, I've learned a thing or two about that. I'm utterly grateful for the people (who I now call friends) who've welcomed me into their homes, their lives and secrets and the many, many recipes and mouthwatering memories at dinnertime. I'm constantly thinking about how I want to contribute to the world; now more interested in so many parts of the world, its hidden pockets and the wonderful people who inhabit them, I'm also much, much more thankful for the place I can call home and can't wait to return.. in just a few days!

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ari said...

Amazing! Thanks for sharing! Glad you're safe and have made good friends.