Thursday, June 03, 2010

the blogger is back and with a new home!

 it's really exciting after being a nomad for months, having been welcomed into strangers' homes, surfing couches abroad and wandering city streets to finally settle in and make a home for myself.
with the inspiration from my travels, here 'tis--

my oasis in the bay

i'm especially in love with my magenta accented wall, 
whose labor i recruited from two little loving sisters of mine 

and with some really cool finds..
* the chic sofa seat was on the street a block away from my house
* the bookcase poster was a buck at eco parkland, urban ore
*  the jewelery frame i made myself with a black velvet skirt and old picture frame

* the pipes i had to have from an east berlin flea market
* cards from dear friends (i keep every one i get, btw)
* and i'm a sucker for sunflowers

that's not to say i don't get the travel destination, please.


William said...

I love your room.

Let's go to Japan.

kt said...

where are you living????