Sunday, June 13, 2010

quinoa in the summertime

Quinoa is super light and yet filling, easy to cook and goes with almost anything you've got laying in the kitchen waiting to be eaten clean. In this rendition, I added some lightly oiled summer squash, which my roommate brought home from the farmers' market. Benning's green tint squash as they're called. (I learned that by googling 'flying saucer squash' because that's what they look like.) They taste and share a similar texture to the Italian zucchini. Tossed in some halved grape tomatoes, red onions, pinenuts, mint and cilantro and then drizzled in a little bit of olive oil, vinegar and grape seed oil. Full of color and perfect for a summer afternoontime lunch.


hoonyoon said...

looks lovely! I'd love to try!

conbon said...

hoon, next time i'll make that moroccan bulgar salad you made for me my first day in london. it was so good!