Tuesday, July 20, 2010

happy birthday, B!

i take any excuse to bake chocolate sweets, and this one in particular, was a very special excuse..B's birthday!

i made hostess cupcakes from food & wine's recipe and stuffed chunks of marshmallow for the filling (i know, i cheated..i don't even really care for marshmallows). my favorite part was dunking each cake in a bath of ganache and then giving it a little twist at the end for a smooth, silky coat.  i also enjoyed decorating them with piped icing, which i added a little drop of vanilla to (well, because i love pure vanilla..almost as much as i do, chocolate), it made me feel as if i was a pastry chef, dressing each cupcake with skill and precision, all i needed was my toque blanche. and like magic, the cakes were something special. the baked mini chocolate cake, each with its fluffy marshmallow filling and warm chocolate icing, perfectly sized to fit in one bite, all just melting in your mouth. a pure pleasure.

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