Friday, July 09, 2010

pizza for two, please

Having grown up on Pizza Hut, Papa John's and fortunately, Petrillo's in my hometown, I had a liking for thick oily cheesy pizza. I mean pizza is pizza, and for the most part it's really good. I thought I knew pizza and what I liked and didn't, which included Little Cesars and Domio's..

But as I've been making my way around pizza in the Bay-- North Beach's Golden Boy, Pizziaola in Oakland, Baretta in the Mission, Gialina in Glenn Park, Zuppa in SOMA, and Pizza Delfina in both the Mission and Fillmore, I've become a different kind of pizza lover, connoisseur and maybe even snob of sorts.

I've discovered that I love high quality, thin-crust Neapolitan style pizza. Pizziaola (although hella expensive) and Gialina are a couple favs that make just the right crust, thin and crispy with still a bit of chew.  Zuppa serves neoplitan style pizza and has a cool industrial decor, but their pizza is a bit too soggy, oily and bland for my liking. Quite disappointing given its convenient downtown location. Golden Boy's quick takeout or eat in on a barstool--although not neapolitan with their crisp and fluffy insides is still addictive at any time of the day, as a lunchtime snack or a late drunken night eat.

Alas, it was time to make my own restaurant quality pizza--well, partially. With that dinner time urge, B picked up some freshly made dough to go at Goat Hill in Potrero and as fast or slow as we could, we topped the rolled out dough with marinara sauce, fresh slices of mozarella and heirloom tomatoes, sprinkle of basil and red pepper flakes and dance! Beautiful fancy shmancy pizza.

Ready to go in the oven set at 450degrees for ten minutes. 

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alice said...

gawd, you're so talented. I eagerly await tasting one of your creations :)