Monday, October 18, 2010

breakfast bites

Making breakfast with B is one of my favorite things to look forward to on weekend mornings. We usually go for a morning run along the Embarcadero and then cook up a storm. 
This time we skipped out on the running and made a trip to the local grocer for some last minute ingredients. French toast a la mangos (after a sample taste, we had to get some in spite of the high price..3 for $9.99 is ridiculous, just sayin'). This is a bite of breakfast made to perfection. Thick slices of few-days-old La Boulange's rustic walnut baguette soaked in a batter of eggs, soymilk, vanilla extract, cinnamon and fresh orange zest ready to sizzle on the hot stove. Slice up a banana and drizzle some homemade pecan caramel on top, and you'll feel pretty good about having gotten out of bed on a rainy Sunday morning.

*B took this photo of me plating a new dish for the blog. I've been inspired by the gourmet look after exhausting "The Next Iron Chef" and "Pasta," which I have only two episodes left to watch!

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