Friday, January 28, 2011

another korean film critique

301, 302 was difficult to watch although I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. The film follows two women living next to each other (301 and 302 being their apartment #s)--both with an obsession with food. One loves to cook it, and the other, a writer, can't consume it. Every day, the cook will bring over a dish as a friendly gesture to her neighbor, later to discover that none of it was ever consumed. The writer accepts the dishes, but can't hide feeling repulsed and running to the bathroom every time her neighbor walks in with a cooked dish. Flashbacks of the writer's childhood appear. Her family lived above the butcher shop that her mom and dad ran. What explains the story is her flashback of her dad raping her in the middle of the night. I really felt for her-- for her feeling of powerlessness as a child and and her lack of feeling and desire as an adult. It was sad because nothing seemed to make her feel better. The story was interwoven with an artistic nuance, making it a film like no other and an ending that surely caught me by surprise. 

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