Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Carbs galore

My brother Timmy got me the Tartine bread book for my birthday, I was so enthused, and then I read about the process, and felt so overwhelmed. But B and I attempted, made our starter, fed it a lot, forgot about it almost as much and finally went through the long haul. I made a big boo boo by accidentally putting in the wheat flour for the amount of white, which is way too much. That mixed with some lax 'resting' period and our loaf came out really dense.

A month or so later B takes another stab, follows the instructions to a T and voila. Two heavenly loaves of goodness. The best thing was that he woke up super early to bake them in the oven after long day and night of various resting and bench periods. Not to mention, lots of kneading in between. Nothing's better than warm fresh bread out of the oven. One's got olives and lemon zest. B never ceases to amaze me. Later for dinner I made a winter squash soup with lots of roasted veggies. It was the perfect comfort accompaniment.


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