Sunday, February 17, 2013

paint, booze and the harlem shake

Yesterday was miraculous. It made me think that if B and I were in a couples competition like The Amazing Race or something of that nature, we'd totally kick ass. We repainted our living room, which involved running back and forth to paint stores for supplies and to Berkeley because we underestimated the amount of paint we needed. We like YOLO Colorhouse because it doesn't smell, dries fast and is good to the environment. The only bad thing is that the one shop in San Francisco that carried it closed down! It was a good day's effort. My hands are calloused and still sore from working that paint roller. I was working like a mad woman. I'll share some video footage in a future post. 
Then that evening we hosted a cocktail party AND, wait for it..


During the party, a friend brought it up in conversation -- and the mystery continues-- but another friend suggested we recreate the video (some hadn't heard of youtube sensation so we played a few versions)-- and then we all thought it a great idea to follow. After two takes and one too many cocktails, we went cray. It was ridiculous and fabulous on so many levels.

Some photos of last night with a sneak peak of the new living room color!

And my absolute favorite..

I'm saving the before and after living room photos for a future post. Stay tuned!


alice said...
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alice said...

We need more of these nights, if only for the photographic evidence! The apartment looked so snazzy, paparazzi.