Sunday, September 17, 2006

here alas, here alas

I'm in DC! And it's amazinggggg! The first two days were groggy but since it's been absolutely gorgeous. There's so much to do and I'm glad I'm doing it all (or at least trying)! My house doesn't have internet access yet so I'll make this quick. Luckily, Gallaudet University across the street has guest computers for free!..So, yesterday was awesome. I found a bike at the flea market down the block for $20 bucks and it's a classic Panasonic (didn't know they made bikes) from Japan. It rides quite well might I add. Later that night a bunch of my roommates who are also part of the Greenpeace training program rode around Downtown DC and then around the Capitol. The Capitol was my favorite part..the rideways were nicely lit and open and almost deserted. It would be too cool if I just camped out there one night. Today was just as cool if not even more..woke up at 7 to check out the farmers market in DuPont Circle. Everything I saw I wanted to eat--all the organic fruits and vegetables, freshly baked pastries, brewed cider. It's almost dinner time and I'm getting hungry so I'll quicken this up! Then Michelle and I rode around the area with our bikes and applied to this really unique cafe. The manager was very personal, almost father-like, so nice and understanding, it makes me want to really work there except that later we applied to Jaleo, known to be one of the best restaurants in DC and got called to go in tomorrow for training. It's tough because at Jaleo the pay is great and the location is almost perfect. In between the two interviews we strolled around the White House. I never felt so touristy..I was snapping photos left and right at every angle and position! The stupid part is that the White House isn't all that great. It looks way better on TV. But at least, now I can say I've visited the great place. Now, the next step is to work in there. In the big office. One day. One day.

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