Saturday, November 11, 2006

insight into my sister's visit to dc

Alas, the long anticipated arrival of my sister has come! Planning the weekend has been both exciting and stressful as our prior phone conversations have mostly consisted of me reveling nonstop about the wonders of this great city. So, inadvertently I have high expectations to fulfill. Plus, she's my older sister which adds that older-younger sibling tension to need to prove something. And on top of that, awkwardly enough, Jenny and I quite different. We didn't hang out much back at home nor did we share our social lives. But for these four days we'll be together, and she'll get to see not only where I live but certainly more important, how I live and act on my own. She'll observe how I interact with my friends as we'll all go out and enjoy ourselves. And as dramatic as this sounds, it's almost a feeling of vindication (if that's even the proper word to use). It's just that we don't have to keep our private lives to ourselves any more. I remember envying friends who have such close relationships with their older sisters and wishing that Jenny and I could also have that. Now, despite our differences, I think we're getting there. Moving out to DC has definitely brought us closer, and possibly ridded that need to always cover or justify our actions, and instead, has allowed us to be more like friends--sharing, respecting and appreciating each other's decisions and lives.

To sum it up, Jenny's here and I couldn't be happier.

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