Saturday, March 03, 2007

coming to terms with my "C" at the gym

I ran into a professor at the gym this morning. This was the same professor who gave me a C in his history class (when I really deserved an A) so I'm not particularly too fond of him either. Although, I still respect the man and make an effort to say "hi" every time in passing. The whole grade thing just screwed up my so-called "perfect" record of straight-A's. It was fun while it lasted, but what the heck..Talk about a stress-relieving cardio workout on the elipticals!


Anonymous said...

dude, the man is crazy. He gave you a C, there is no need to say hi to him when you see him. Pretend you don't know him, and if he ever says hi, be like, "Oh, do I know you?" yah nice people finish last in the world. Oh well. I guess you have a good morality and are nice. I am too, but I think we seriously need to change that.

Vanessa said...

damn external validation.

you're still straight a's in my book.

thanks for the post-its said...

damn external validation.

Yes, especially when it's all there is.