Friday, March 02, 2007

the simple pleasures of walking

Recent discovery: PCC has a shuttle that transports students from main campus to Goldline's Allen Station. This is pretty awesome considering I can hop on their van after class, get to the GL, and then to and from Boxer's office off Union Station. Thursdays I have class before and after the internship so it's quite convenient as I don't have to worry about moving my Highlander. Not so convenient is that the shuttle doesn't run Friday evenings. I discovered such news this evening, having waited forty minutes or so in the dark on Allen Street. Unsure of whether the shuttle was going to come, I just decided to walk. It was only a few blocks, and midway was the Pasadena Coffee Shop. I got a Mexican Latte (very good and cinnamon-y) and a discount from the nice barista. (I love nice people!) With warm drink in hand, I continued to the streets and thought of all the walking I did in DC, and how much I missed it. Here at home I have four wheels that I'm so dependent on to get me to wherever I want to go. I"ll complain if I can't find close parking. But walking tonight made me realize how pathetic and ironic it was to do so. The night was beautiful and calm, and the walk--very much needed from the suffocation of automobiles. It just felt good to walk, and I did so freely.

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