Tuesday, April 03, 2007

"for girls, it's be yourself, and be perfect, too"

I receive daily digests from the N.Y. Times and Washington Post. At the time of subscribing it seemed like a good idea. My editor and poli-sci professor like to send me links to stories I should check out, and then I figured, why not just hear and read about them on my own. But having done so my inbox is inundated with daily headlines and it's sad to say that it's not uncommon for me to just click delete.

Sometimes it's different, like this morning. My friend Amber called to tell me class would be starting an hour late. So with plenty of time on hand and cheerios to devour I came across this article about high school girls striving as all-around over-achievers to obtain admission into America's top colleges while also battling pressure and insecurities.

For Girls, It's Be Yourself, And Be Perfect: read article here.

"If you are free to be everything, you are also expected to be everything. What it comes down to, in this place and time, is that the eternal adolescent search for self is going on at the same time as the quest for the perfect résumé."

Now a sophomore in college I can say that not much has changed.

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