Tuesday, May 06, 2008

what a year it's been..

the following was part of an email from my GSI
the class: International Rural Development: Agriculture, Industry, Development and the Rise of Social Movements (ESPM 165)
professor: eric holt-giménez, executive director of food first

Hey 165ers!

The semester is coming to an end and the workload is almost insane. But we all are realizing how high yielding (non GR!) this course harvest has been, huh? Then it is also time to celebrate!

We thought that it would be great to end our last day of class with a potluck! After all we’ve been talking about the importance of access to good healthy food and how wonderful it is to share this moment with others. So, let’s do it! What we don’t have in funding we might replace with creativity. Leonor will be bringing some nice treats from Food First and you are all invited to bring whatever you want: food, non alcoholic beverages, musical instruments, smiles and life histories. Let’s make it happen! Horizontal decision making process, decentralized power and celebration with food!

ooh i love berkeley.

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