Monday, February 02, 2009

happy february, celebrating loves and dreams

it's been a while since i've written a personal post, and i'm feeling a little inspired so here it goes..*deep breathe*

well, for starters, i had a wonderful winter holiday back home in san gabriel and (i suppose, the surrounding LA area.) every time i revisit, home has become more meaningful, and because i'm unsure of where i'll be post graduation-- in sf, across the states or in a foreign country, i'm cherishing each moment i have with my fam and friends. i'm learning to live in those moments and not take them for granted. the highlight: talking to my little sisters, britt and tiff about their first kisses, frequenting buddha bar, magnolia and bodega wine bar in pas with jen, the eldest sis, the yummy food my mom makes, my favorite noodle house kim ky, deep convos about life&college with cat, drinks @ the standard's rooftop bar w/rei, and seeing the rose parade live for the first time with natalie, my beautiful friend from Cal, ( she's from pasadena; it was like having a little piece of berkeley back home with me.) oh, and also being able to talk back to papa, in a polite, respectful, yes, i know i'm your daughter, but you're wrong, kind of way. :)

the weather in berkeley has been gorgeous. a few weekends ago i rode my bike down to the marina, and it was ahhhh, so serene and spectacular, just like it should be in this chaotic mess we call life. stumbled upon vik's, indian restaurant that makes delcious savory crepes and creamy mango lassis; i almost want to say it's the best in berkeley, but i always have cravings for naan n' curry's veggie tiki masala and garlic naan so there will be no debate.

i love living a life centered around food.

and good health. went to yoga to the people last night. operated by donations and with a mission to make yoga accessible for everyone, (indeed making it a a snug fit in berkeley), i LOVED it. i introduced myself to one of the volunteers and said it was my first time, and that it had been a long time since i practiced yoga. she was so sweet and friendly, she even instructed me on the basics before class, and thankfully, she did because i probably would have been lost in the class! sunday nights the class is candlelit, but don't let that fool you, that was one of the most sweaty and intense yoga experiences i've had, and it was so rewarding. after that one hour session, i felt so energized and ready to take on anything.

over dinner last night, my dearest friend tammy inspired me to create a "fantasy-make-reality to-do list" and the first to be added to that list, might i share (brace yourselves), is to be drawn nude. yup, that means naked. another, which i've added today is to move to london and/or paris and work for a pastry chef, inspired by these goddesses who make divine treats at chocolate & zucchini and coco and me.

yummy-ness of the day : roasted peppers and goat cheese on a toasted rustic baguette. my friend kelly made it for one of her parties last year. it was so delicious i recently had the craving, scrambled for memory and so the story goes.

other news, i didn't get either luce scholars program or the fulbright fellowship. suprisingly, i'm not as bummed as i had expected, that's probably becuase i never planned for the reaction post-acceptance/rejection. i'm actually really looking forward to the future, and thinking about what it is that i really want to do, what kind of life/style i want to create for myself. there are so many opportunities. i'm excited to choose "the one," or the many. like usual, i'm pretty optimistic.

good day, lovelies.

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