Monday, May 31, 2010

may flashback

one of the highlights of my time at CAL was performing in a drag competition.  i remember thinking to myself-- when other opportunity am i going to have to dress and play like a man? whatever a "man" is, really.

so an homage to the ridiculousness of mainstream hip hop and the overly machismo/degrading nature, i got my friends together and formed Wu-Chang and the Tiny Cocks. One of these days, I'll post up the video. You'd be impressed. I still am. After all, we did the soulja boy dance.

and who knew we'd win the title of Berkeley's Top Drag Performer? (Of course, I go in to win. ) Part of our 1st-place prize and title was a BARE Magazine photoshoot with photographer Simone Anne. (From L to R --- me, Sam and Betty.)

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