Tuesday, June 08, 2010

cherry season is here!

..but not for long. actually, it's almost coming to an end.  better get them while they last and taste so sweet at the farmers' market. one of my favorite things about summer is cherries, oh and watermelon and my birthday and the beach and lots of sunshine, ok that's about five things.

Going through my photos on iphoto ('09 is amazing, btw), i found this one in my East Berlin album.  and I remember the exact moment. Betty and I were sitting drinking chai lattes like we were Berliners. 

Such a magical, most-likely inedible cherry tree.
Berlin was one of my favorite cities for its hip, young artsy alternative culture; definitely one I could see myself living in. 'twas super veg and bicycle friendly as well. And filled with lots of coffee, cake and wine bars. along with couchsurfing, i also stayed with Betty and her "sister," Thekla; Betty's aunt in Chino Hills hosted Thekla when she was a student in college (I think that's story).  Thekla was super welcoming and really funny and she lives in this cute home in the happening coffee and food town of Mitte in East Berlin, which also has this epic park and futuristic playground that we jumped, turned, swung and ran around for a good while.  
Three slices of cake we took to go from a whimsical cafe that I fell in love with the moment I encountered its windowfront display.

And mad funky art like this one storefront sign. So Berlin.

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