Wednesday, June 09, 2010

quiche pour moi et vous

While in Europe, I incorporated eggs into my diet. At first, it was the sure vegetarian alternative, and  sometimes, the only alternative. And while I'm not too interested in meat (although my curiosity and courtesy at different points led me to having some chorizo in Andalucía and lamb and paté in Basque country),  I was introduced and came to liking hearty egg dishes like tortilla española all over Spain and quiches and crepes in France. Eggs were easy to ween out in the states, but being back, it's home-made quiches like these that make them worth savoring.
The crust recipe is from Alice Waters' The Art of Simple Cooking and I filled the insides with lots of farmers' market veggies and the secret ingredients, créme fraiche and fresh sage.
We had a Frenchie named Liza who stayed with us for a couple weeks, and I made this quiche thinking about her as well because she filled our apartment with lots of love and passion for good food and company.

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alice said...

LOVE that you are writing once again. I look forward to being inspired :)! eggs, yum yum.