Wednesday, July 07, 2010

washington, DC thru airBandB

Last week I made a short trip to DC for business and decided to give this new service a try -- It's an organized mix of couchsurfing and craigslist subletting. You contact the home owner directly and rent by the night(s); it could be a portion of the house, a private room or the entire home, and sometimes they include breakfast and tips about the area.

My two nights stay was at Melissa's studio in Dupont Circle, which I chose for its central location and close proximity to the meetings I had scheduled, and also because her apartment looked chic and the type of environment I'd want to stay in..

Here are photos and notes from my stay--

the entrance into Melissa's studio. the whole place has a light, clean and airy feel to it. 
to the right are photos of where she's lived, including Paris, Boston, New York and Puerto Rico. 

she has a remarkable bookcase structure that lines her wall, giving it a full yet not cluttered feeling.
and a mini grand white piano.. i want one! if only i played the piano..

i love scoping out people's texts, especially their cookbooks. she has one of alice waters! a true foodie.

where i slept..and also the two kitties, which would not leave me alone..

'tis all. it was a short stay, i wish i could have been there a bit longer if only to enjoy the studio and Dupont a bit more. Who knows, it was such a last minute trip that I suspect I'll be heading over to DC again shortly. I'll definitely be using again..thinking of a trip to Monterey!

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