Thursday, July 08, 2010

babycakes, double chocolate chip cookies

I've been having a chocolate craving like no other, and thanks to Natalie who got me a recipebook from the most talked about bakery in NYC, Babycakes, I made these bad boys. It was also an excuse to take a trek to Rainbow Grocery and buy the best of ingredients in bulk--coconut oil, fair-trade semisweet chocolate chips, and pure cocoa powder and vanilla extract.  They're the ultimate guilt-free indulgence--I'm actually munching on some that I packed for lunch right now. I know, it's only 9:30 in the morning, but never too early for a sweet fix.

These cookies came out so well-- thin and crispy on the edges while moist and chewy in the center, and chocolatey all around. I'm including the recipe here along with an interview of Babycakes founder, Erin McKenna because I think it's very worth sharing.

Note: I cut the recipe in a half (because the full recipe yields close to 40 cookies) and still had plenty to bring into work. Oh, another note! Dennie got me the book, "The Artist in the Office: How to Creatively Survive and Thrive Seven Days a Week," which is as awesome as it is witty and inspiring, and in it, the author suggests to make a treat for your coworkers. What better excuse have you got now?


p.s. I took this photo with B's fancy camera, and on the second click came out with this. I'm pretty impressed. Food photographer in the making? Perhaps..

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