Wednesday, September 08, 2010

pad thai pandamonium

Does anyone have suggestions for where I can find tamarind paste in the city? B and I spent a good days worth of searching in Chinatown, bustling through the crowds, investigating the aisles of sauces, spices and pastes, talking to shop owners and clerks (or at least trying to given the many language barriers), and even getting ripped off! They charged me $1.15 for my tofu when the sign read 95 cents. When I tried to explain to the lady that she mischarged me, all I got was an astounding, "NO." Errr..ok. And it happened again at another market. Granted the produce is cheap, but still I'd much rather pay the advertised 45 cents/lb for my peaches than the 55 cents that was rung up!
Exhausted and annoyed, B and I scooted home, picked up some peanuts and a lime at Whole Foods and settled with a jar of "pad thai sauce." It was too sweet for my liking (surely not the authentic pad thai taste I was hoping to recreate myself), but with a little mix of fish sauce, hoison and siracha, it was pretty yummy. 

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