Monday, June 13, 2011


seeconrun is on vacation!

I'm writing from Ha Noi, probably my favorite city in Vietnam. It's so
much more calm compared to the roaring madness of Ho Chi Minh and
Hanoi, although I enjoyed both those cities very much. There are
streets designated for pedestrians and primitive vehicles as they call
it. Yay for not having to worry about being run over, which is also a
thrill of roaming Vietnam. Each is very unique and in this country,
everything is so colorful and full of life with motorbikes and cars
coming in every direction. Not to mention women with carts of fresh
fruits and noodle soups. It's a food lover's destination. I've eaten
lots of dishes that remind me of my ma's cooking and the restaurants
in good ol' SGV-- ban xeo (this fried crepe full of bean sprouts and
other veggies), ban can (more of a steamed rice cake filled with lots
of meat..), I ate mine with fried yams. Yay for lots of fried foods.
Oh, and pho! Yum, yum pho. Cha ca (grilled fish) ..sooo good, and you
add rice noodles to it with fresh mint and stir fried greens and
peanuts and fish sauce. My favorite is ban cuon (I think that's the
spelling; I've left out all the accents and these Vietnamese
spellings, forgive me)..It's a Chinese-Vietnamese noodle dish. B and I
went to Cholon--the Chinatown in Vietnam, and in the morning got two
hearty bowls of ban cuon--rice noodle with a savory broth, served with
ground meat, I think and chopped green onions). It's the best..sitting
on the cramped side of the streets on plastic bright colored short
stools eating hot noodle soups in sweaty hot, humid weather while loud
honking motorbikes and cars vroom by. It's madness I tell ya, but oh,
so exciting!

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Clifford said...

sounds like a lot of fun. enjoy vietnam!