Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Boxed up

MY CSA box came in today! For the longest time I didn't know what CSA stood for except that it sounded like something good. So just in case you're wondering ( because I just looked t up), CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. CSA in short is about real people like you and me supporting real farmers who grow our foods. You pay for what you get and you're supporting people who make a living off their land as opposed to large corporations and manufacturers that genetically mass modify everything at a discounted race. That's not to say I'm a purist--far from it. But when I can, like in this instance, purchase a CSA box (at a discounted price thanks to one of those Groupon coupons!) I say, why not?

It was a mystery as to what I'd get in the box because the same fruits and veggies don't grow year-round. I had my predictions of kale, but not of white beats and funny looking squash. It stirs up my creative cooking juices!  

Alright time to get cooking..

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