Thursday, February 14, 2013

2012 in cities

Anh-Minh of Anthology Magazine inspired me to think about my past year in travel. The rule is that one or more nights must be spent in each city. Going through my calendar, I realized how many times I visited home. This past year may be a record!

1. San Gabriel, CA
2. Pasadena, CA
3. Seattle, WA
4. Buenos Aires, Argentina
5. Los Cabos, Mexico 
6. San Gabriel, CA
7. Las Vegas, NV
8. Pebble Beach, CA
9. San Luis Obispo, CA
10. Napa, CA / Healdsburg, CA
11. San Gabriel, CA
12. San Gabriel, CA

Some notable moments include:
- Catching Dashboard Confessional with my big sis (even though I hadn't planned to go with her because we got in a big fight). I'm glad we did and made up.

- Eating non-stop Vietnamese meals with my Aunt Tina in San Francisco (she was visiting from Minot, ND and one happy camper!)

- Taking my cousins out to get ice cream and play at the park. I remember when they started singing this repetitive song (I think it goes like this "This is the song that never ends...")that they thought was getting on my nerves. I tried to play it off like I liked it, believing in reverse psychology, but in reality, it was driving me nuts! There was another time we went to the beach and we scarfed on cheesesteaks and fries.. These memories make my day.

- Falling in love with Seattle, their food, decor, walkability and cleanliness (oh the fresh air!) and being there with my honey (We had the hippest airbnb studio)

- Getting creeped out in our old Buenos Aires airbnb apartment (not the fondest memory, but one that stands out). And then coming home to host a fabulous cocktail party with fernet and alfajores

- Celebrating my 25th Birthday and first girls' trip to Cabo. It was full of drama, sunshine and warm water. 

- Reuniting with an old college friend in SLO and celebrating her 30th birthday.

- Going wine tasting in Napa and Sonoma with some of my favorite lady friends. BILL. Or was it Bob? 

- All the holiday parties (the one at Marta's, Dennie's, our holiday brunch, and Alice's at the Tonga Room and the Fairmont that ended too quick to remember, but is fully accounted for on Facebook). 

- The meals with my family-- there are so many!!

I can go on. So many memories come to mind, and now I'm getting tired and have to pee! I am so, so thankful for the people in my life, the experiences, new adventures, and for my job (just the other day, I realized I have a dream job, live it up!) While I tend to think that the grass is greener on the other side, and am always striving to improve myself, I'm taking this moment to live in the present. I am oh, so lucky and grateful. 


p.s. Hopefully 2013 will bring more regular blog postings!

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alice said...

Ah. Reading this made me so happy.

alice said...

For the record, his name was BILL! But there was a DAVE, too. Don't forget Dave at Cline. Bill at Coppola!

conbon said...

DAVE. That's who I was thinking about-- oh, but Bill--now I remember him. He sure made an impression. After all, you left with a lifetime supply of Coppola vino!

conbon said...

p.s. Thank you for the inspiration, Alice. I've been putting off blogging and was motivated to start up again by you!

Rachel said...

So you liked alfajores huh? I do not know anybody that does not like them. Every time I talk to my friends about dulce de leche, I get mouthwatered. I actually brought one for each of my family members and friends, I wanted everybody to know this amazing sweet. I bought them all in the kiosk that was in front of the place I had rented with 4rentargentina. They were the ones that recommended it. And the kiosko had Fernet too: I used to drink it alone and think that it was awful, until the lady from the rental company said: "oh, no, you have to drink it together with Coke." It changed everything, Fernet with Coke is a typical Argentine drink and I also love it. You get really drunk with it, and it is kind of bitter but in a good way, so for all of the readers here who did not try it, I think it is time!