Sunday, September 28, 2008

top (college) chef, in the making. i wish.

some kids drink to relieve stress.  
i cook. also, because i like to eat.  
LOVE to eat.
and pair the two with some friends and sangria.   
you've got a splendid time!
in the meantime, savor the pictures.

chocolate raspberry cookies,
in honor of one of my favorite quotes:
       "life's short.  eat dessert first."
vegan dinner party (menu) : chickpea cutlets w/tahini dressing, quinoa salad with black beans and mangos, lemony roasted potatoes and lentil salad; to drink, dennie's white wine sangria ( non-vegan dessert: brownies with chocolate & vanilla ice cream from rainbow's)

last night's din din: potato & kale enchiladas with cilantro sour cream, mexican millet and to drink, plum & pomegranate sangria
quick lunch bite: grilled potatoes, cabbage and corn salad tacos with sliced avocados
and sunday's paper

*i'm in love with my new cookbook, veganomicon. it's the best by far. 

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Amanda said...

Hi Connie, it's Amanda from LA Youth. Mike shared your blog with me. Wow, those dishes look so tasty! I wish I could cook like that. My typical vegetarian dish is a veggie burger zapped in the microwave (or toaster if I'm being ambitious) with broccoli. You've inspired me to do more in the kitchen!